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9th June 2024

Breeze Supporter


Ride Clwyd has partnered with Breeze (British Cycling) to encourage women to take part in the event.

Breeze members got £5 off in 2023 and the same discount is available in 2024.

This is applicable to all route distances but the Short route has been specially designed following feedback from Breeze riders:

  • Shorter by 10 miles, the 2024 Short route is 47miles in total
  • Fewer hills - there's a whole 1,000ft less climbing this year
  • Single food stop exactly halfway - mile 24



  How to get the Discount

Discount entries are for Breeze British Cycling members

The £5 off is a code to enter at checkout

The contact for Breeze Network Flintshire, Denbighshire & Wrexham has this code and will supply to Breeze members

There are 20 x £5 offs available

The discounts are available right up to the close of entries (or when they are used up, or when the event reaches it's overall max)

Discount can be used on any distance - Long, Medium and Short


Email the Breeze Network contact

Breeze Network Flintshire, Denbighshire & Wrexham Facebook page