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9th June 2024

2024 Food


Jump to the food stops just for your route:

Food 1

Name: Llanbedr Village Hall

W3W location: ///relieves.snore.altitude

Used by: Long Route only

Open: 8.30am

Distance from previous food: 25miles from Start

Description: Village hall just after short main road

Food Available: large protein flapjack, 2 x High5 gels

Closes: mid-day

Next part of Route: long ride towards Denbigh, up steep hill (Road to Hell) then through the Clocaenog Forest, Water stop in forest (mile 47) then full Food Stop (no.2) at mile 61.4




Roadside view


Forest Stop - water only

Name: Bod Petryal picnic site

W3W location: ///study.occurs.commended

Used by: Long route only

Open: 9.30am

Distance from previous food: 22miles

Description: quick stop for Water Only, "proper" Stop is 15 miles further on.

Food Available: Riders should take one 75cl bidon of water only

Closes: 1pm

Next part of Route: further easy riding over to Food 2 at Carrog - mile 61.4




Roadside view


Food 2

Name: Carrog Village Hall

W3W location: ///mammals.riverside.resides

Used by: Long and Medium riders

Open: 9.30am

Distance from previous food: 13 miles on from the Long route water stop, 28 miles from the Start for Medium riders

Description: Big village hall just slightly offset from the route

Food Available: Giant plain Flapjack and Giant Yoghurt topped bar

Closes: 2pm

Next part of Route: lumpy ride on quiet road alongside River Dee then climb up to Panorama Walk, final Food at Penycae (16.4 miles on)




Roadside view


Food 3

Name: St. Thomas Village Hall, Penycae

W3W location: ///massaged.swelling.elevates

Used by: Long, Medium and Short riders

Open: 10am

Distance from previous food: First/only stop for Short route - 24.5miles from the Start, Long and Mediums will have ridden 16miles from Carrog

Description: small village hall

Food Available: ham or cheese bap, banana

Closes: 4pm

Next part of Route: final stretch, drop down and ride on flat to the finish (23miles)




Roadside view



Name: Broughton Wings

W3W location: ///flood.jumped.pushes

Used by: ALL riders

Open: 7am

Distance from previous food: 23miles from the final food stop at Penycae

Description: social club for Airbus factory

Food Available: bar with snacks and drinks to purchase

Closes: 6pm