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Sunday 28th May

2023 Route Photos

Here are some photos from recent recce rides around the route:


Blaze Hill

After a significant steep section Blaze Hill opens out


Hooleyhay Lane

Pretty soon you'll be in remote landscapes on Hooleyhay Lane


This is the mid-point on the very steep bit of Hooleyhay


Descent near Cat and Fiddle

We use a bit of main road to avoid an awkward right-turn, and get a great descent


Macclesfield Forrest

Good riding on roads above the Macclesfield Forrest


Blakelow Road

60milers will turn for home but 80s will climb up onto the Blakelow Road


Ipstones Edge

80s will then climb Ipstones Edge


Water Fords

The 80 goes through/around this ford - notice the side-bridge, and both routes go through another ford just after the 2nd food stop - again with a bridge option - you should consider using the bridges


Lask Edge

After the 2nd food stop all routes face the final hill - Lask Edge (wasn't able to photograph this as I couldn't stop - it is 17%)