Hill Workshop

Do you struggle on the hills?

Feel like you're "pedaling squares"?

Some people seem to glide upwards, effortlessly - what's that about?

There's a technique you can learn - climb quicker and with less effort.

The Workshop

Join British Cycling coach Andy Dawson for a 3 hour workshop that aims to transform your hill climbing ability.

We'll look at how the pro-cyclists climb, we'll do a practical technique class and then head out to a local hill to try out what you've learnt.

Previous participant:

"Most of us learn to ride instinctively as kids and we never stop to think about the 'physics'. It was very interesting to do this with you in the classroom and then try the techniques out on the hills. The ideas make perfect sense and I could feel the benefit."

Michael Gower


Price: £35 £30 (Early Bird)

Dates and Locations:


  • 11am - 60min classroom study
  • 12 - 60min skills ride
  • 1pm - 60min local easy hill ride

What to bring: roadworthy bike, helmet, drink, snack

IMPORTANT: workshop is for cyclists using clipped-in pedals, you need to have your feet firmly attached to your pedals

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