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120 entries led to 99 actual starters on a cloudless day in Llandod. Cyclists were waved off with a Devil's trident to remind them of what was to come.

Key signs at the Upper Chapel turn went missing and led to some 100milers taking on an extra distance before realising they were off course. Organisers will have a marshal there in 2018.

Heat built up by mid-day with some Garmins recording 35deg cel as the field of riders made it up the Devil's Staircase and around to the mountain road. There were stories of cyclists stopping to throw themselves in the streams to cool off.

Most made it back by 5pm for very welcome showers and hot food - pasta with salad and bread. Last riders were back just before 7pm.


Another sportive set up by Epic Cycles and quickly gaining a reputation for great organisation and fantastic routes. The Devil Ride was the summer sportive brother to the Autumn Epic.

During the short life of the Devil Ride it went through some big route changes - here's the original route which we've revived pretty accurately:


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