2016 photos

2017 photos

Standard Times

We have standard times for all routes enabling you to aim for Gold, Silver and Bronze levels - more.

Roll of Honour

Done the Epic before? Some have done it 5 times (and a couple of people 10+) - get your name on the Roll of Honour

Epic stories

Over the years participants have written about and/or video'd their experiences on the Autumn Epic, here's a selection:


The Barbarians CC preparing, travelling to and doing the 2007 Epic

And a wet one for the Barbarians in 2009

Thanks to Adrian Pugh for sending these links in.

2006 DVD promo film

2011 Elan Valley climb, etc

Blogs and publications:

Beeston CC at the 2011 event

theHippy.net does the 2008 edition

Recce ride before the 2011 sportive

Bike Radar community postings

Cardiff Ajax at the Epic

"Whenever I meet people who have done the Epic they always have a story of their experiences. If you have one to tell send it in to info@autumnepic.com"

Andy Dawson, Epic organiser