Quest 25

A short ride with several challenges

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New for 2018 this is a super-short intro to Epic riding. So short we don't feed you on the route - but you can expect the full Autumn Epic chilli and baked potato once you return to Knighton.

Description: follow the first 10miles of the Epic route (easy riding), then turn at Felindre for a long rising road up onto the hills (4 miles). Further dips and rises lead to a wide road descent through Crug and onto the long (2 miles) climb - Fron Goch. A final 3 mile descent gets you back into Knighton.



Felindre rise - 3 miles, 500ft gained

Fron Goch - 2miles, 600ft gained

Total climbing = 600m/2,000ft

Challenge rating:

Map: Ride with GPS